Logo Design Process

Before I undertake any design work I take the time to understand what your goals are and what you want to achieve from you new logo design and exactly who your audience is and what they want from you.


This will be an flowing, open discussion and will influence the direction the design project

will take. If you're not clear on what your goals are at this stage you can take as much

or little direction from me as you like. I'm an easy going guy!

Once we know where we're headed, find out what steps we'll take next.


Now we've established your goals and targets, i'll do a little more research and exploration into your business and get to know its story and history. I'll also research your target audience and competitors.

This is a very important phase in my design process and enables me to generate ideas that will not only support and enhance your brand but help it speak to the right people too.



Right then! With the research phase out the the way, I can now start unleashing the creativity and sketch some logo design ideas. I'll always refer back to your targets and goals during this step and use the research i carried out.

I'll send the best ones over to you for your feedback and input. This is very much a two way step.



Ok, so now we've got the bare bones of the design down, i'll make any revisions and fine tune the design to ensure we have a kick-ass logo.

At the end of this phase, i'll present them one last time  before I finalise all the different types of files you'll need.




Boom! We've done it.

We have your final logo design and it's time for me to prepare all the files you'll need so you can use your new logo for print and online.

Once all the files are prepared, i'll send them over to you with a guide on how to use each file. 

That's the last step from me but if you need any more support or have any questions about you files, just get in touch. 


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